Carpet , Vinyl, Laminate for events

In many temporary events, carpet is a vital component. The use of event carpet can transform any venue or space, whether it’s an exhibition or a corporate event. Additionally, it can improve the acoustics in larger venues, improving the overall experience for all attendees. In addition to carpets, Scenic for Events also supplies and installs vinyl and laminate wood flooring. We pride ourselves on the attention to detail we show.

  • Carpet rolls
  • Laminate flooring
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Parquet Flooring
  • Wooden floor

PVC Flooring Rolls Carpet carpet for events

Carpet tiles for events

There is a wide range of carpet tiles available for various applications, including corporate events, exhibitions, stands, and pop up spaces. We have tiles in a range of colours and sizes, 50cm x 50cm and 1m x 1m, and our decor team installs them in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sitgets, Malaga, Lisbon, Cannes, Paris, and Monaco. We offer a wide range of specialty colours to complement this range, which are regularly cleaned and maintained.

Artificial Grass for events

Choosing the right flooring for a corporate event or exhibition is crucial. Your visitors will remember your event for many weeks after they see your artificial grass. It is common for green flooring to be used at environmental events, but lettering or designs of other colors can also be used.

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