Modular Exhibition Stands

The event industry is changing more and more stand builders, meeting planners, av companies, hotels, venues, and Exhibition Centers in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Cannes, Berlin, Geneva, Monaco, Amsterdam, Paris, and beyond thinking green. They have all one thing in comment they are all looking for sustainable products and innovation on logistics, energy, waste management and water consumption. In recent years, modular exhibition stands have emerged as a significant innovation.

Aluvision modular frame systems is one of the rental products that especially here for is developed for construction of modular stands and displays. These profiles are made of high-quality aluminum and are lightweight, yet sturdy. They are specially designed to meet the requirements of the events and exhibition industry and can be used in and outdoors.

The profiles can be combined to build a wide variety of displays, including rectangular and round displays, walls, corner pieces, flooring, doors, integrated high-resolution led walls and LED displays, and even furniture such as reception desks, tables, and stools. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them a popular choice for trade shows, events, and exhibitions.

The Aluvision frames are available in different kind of shapes and dimensions, with the possibility to adapt to the specific requirements of your project, and are compatible with different types of textile fabrics. More and more meeting spaces like in Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Cannes, Girona, Sitges, and Lisbon are moving away from wooden set constructions, and they are encouraging stand builders, av rental companies, deco, and other event suppliers to start using modular frame systems. As an eco-minded decoration company, Scenic for Events strongly believes in using sustainable materials.