Raised Flooring rental

The Aluvision raised Step floor system, is a seamless blend of fixed frames and corner/edge modules. With a standard grid of 1×1 meters (customizable dimensions available), this system allows adjustable heights from 100 to 130 mm, with a maximum 60 mm of free passage under the floor. The Step frames are designed for easy and compact stacking, thanks to the unique aluminum profile. Additionally, the threaded slot enables the installation of Aluvision LED tiles modules beneath the floor surface.

Flooring system
Hi-LED 55 floor

Elevate your exhibition stand with LED Floor system spots for remarkable experiences. Whether your upcoming event is in Sitges, Girona, Lisbon, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Marseille, Monaco, or Cannes. Scenic for Events is here to provide innovative hire solutions that align with your sustainability goals.